How to become a Ninja

(Step 1) : Earn your Black Belt. Always use “Earn Your Belts” – Never training.

Earn White belt – 5 wins.
Earn Yellow belt – 13 wins.
Earn Orange belt – 21 wins.
Earn Green Belt – 30 wins.
Earn Blue belt – 40 wins.
Earn Red belt – 52 wins.
Earn Purple belt – 64 wins.
Earn Brown belt – 76 wins.
Earn Black belt – 88 wins.


(Step 2): Once you’ve earned your Black Belt, Challenge Sensei. It normally takes 2-4 times to beat him – My record is 2 times. Pick the highest cards you have. After you’ve beaten Sensei, you’ll receive the Ninja mask, and access to Club Penguin’s Ninja Hideout.

I hope you learned something from this Club Penguin guide.Thanks for reading!


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